Saturday, June 14, 2014


This morning when I woke up and stumbled down the stairs into the kitchen, what was waiting for me?  MORE STRAWBERRIES!  I still had several peck baskets just sitting there waiting for me plus all the strawberry dishes from the night before. I didn't crawl into bed until 12:30am and was just toooo tired to finish. As soon as my morning coffee was done, I was back on strawberry duty. My daughter and I spent the whole day on strawberries but WE ARE DONE!  Yea!  We are officially stocked and full of all the strawberry goodness until next strawberry season.  I got the neighbors on both sides of us taken care of.  They have strawberry goodness.  I got Mr. Yesteryear Acres parents taken care of. They have strawberry goodness.  I got my parents taken care of.  Strawberry goodness again!  I made enough homemade strawberry jam so that every other week, we can have strawberry jam all year long. We have our strawberry vinaigrette made.  Our strawberry glaze made.  Our strawberry pies made.  Our strawberry salad made.  We are done. Good timing too.  Peach season is right around the corner!

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