Friday, June 27, 2014

Does this Count as Exercise?

I was super busy all day and finally had a few minutes to get my daily exercise walk in.  My daughter accompanied me as did a few doodle doggies.  We just started really getting in the groove when out of the corner of my eye, I saw perfectly ripe black raspberries. The bushes were loaded with them.  I picked a few and oh my goodness! Heavenly!  They were perfect for eating.  My daughter wanted to continue on our walk when I popped a black raspberry in her mouth and then suddenly all thoughts of journeying on ceased.  She joined me in picking the berries. Did we save any for Mr. Yesteryear Acres? No.  Did we save any to make a pie? No.  Did a single solitary black raspberry make it back home? No.  We ate them all.  We went from bush to bush picking every single black ripe raspberry and ate them all.  On our way back home, I asked my daughter if our walk counted for exercise.  She said NO.  She said, "MOM, we clearly walked to get a snack!"  I guess we are now going back out to actually walk.....unless of course I missed a black raspberry or two!  Looks like dessert time to me!!!!

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