Saturday, June 28, 2014

Just a little chocolate sprinkle

Nutmeg has one little chocolate boy in her litter.  He was just a little thing when he was born and continues to be just a little chocolate sprinkle of a puppy.  He is the happiest, perkiest, outgoing, friendliest little puppy.  He loves everyone and everything.  He is my daughter's favorite puppy IN THE WHOLE WORLD!  She tells me this every day. She also asks me if she can keep him every single day.  The answer is no - you cannot keep him. We have plenty of doodle happiness here. Mr. Chocolate Sprinkle is available and ready for his new home starting July 11th.  The puppy mobile will be traveling to Maryland on July 13th....if anyone is interested.
Here is Mr. Chocolate Sprinkle
Yes, I know....he is soooooo cute!

And is always willing to pose for the camera

I think my daughter might have 987,456,932 pictures of him

Because he is just so adorable

And he gives good kisses

Mr. Chocolate Sprinkle says....

"Will you be mine?"

Cause everybody loves chocolate!

Even little tiny chocolate sprinkles!

Please let me know if you would like Mr. Chocolate Sprinkle to be part of your family because.......

My daughter is becoming much better at hiding him in her room!


  1. Oh....let her keep him!!!

  2. I want him!!!! How much is he? He is so precious.

    1. He is now spoken for. Thank you for asking about him! I love him too!


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