Saturday, June 7, 2014

9 is your best????

I think my daughter may have a motivational problem.  She is severely lacking in the production operations mode.  Here Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I have given her a simple task.  We have requested homemade chocolate covered maraschino cherries for dessert tonight.  I mean that is a simple request and one she should be able to quickly accomplish.  What we have found though - is that NINE is the maximum number of chocolate covered cherries that she can make.  Nine!  Not even an even number!!!  Every single time we go into the kitchen to "inspect" her progress - 9 cherries are all that remain.  Now, it is a very important job to taste test the cherries during the chocolate covering process.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres takes this job seriously as do I.  I mean I just walk into the kitchen to see how things are going and
These are the only cherries there. 9 little cherries. Yes, there are holes where chocolate covered cherries "used" to be.  Yes, there are chocolate covered cherries missing.  Yes, I ate them. Yes, I am still eating them.  I still think my daughter can do better than have 9 little cherries available. Wait.  Make that 8.  No.  Make that 7.  OH NO!  Where did they all go?????
I will never tell.

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