Thursday, June 5, 2014

No Derecho

Here at Yesteryear Acres, we are wet and the backyard could be used for kayaking - but thankfully no Derecho and no major damage.  Whew!  We even have electricity! The weather today is beautiful and it looks like we will dry out with no worries.  The puppies are enjoying today's weather much more too!  This weekend Sweet Pea's puppies all go home so we are busy getting their puppy care packages together.  We have adorable little toys and blankies and treats and goodies for our puppies so today is assemble the puppy care packages day.  The big doggies just LOVE that.  It is so much fun to pick out the toys.  As in pick the toys OUT of the puppy bag after I put the toy INTO the puppy bag.  It does take more than twice as long with all my "help" but it is pretty funny to watch.  Each doggie has their preferred favorite addition to the bag and each doggie tries to sneak one to keep.  Believe me - we have toys EVERYWHERE so they don't need another one!  It doesn't stop them from trying though!  By the end of the day, I should have a dozen puppy care packages all made.....with all the goodies accounted for! Now where did that blue sheep go?

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