Saturday, June 21, 2014

Best Ending to the Longest Day of the Year

In continuation of my guest blogger power, I am going to dedicate this blog to my brother Austin. Tonight he took us all out for ice cream cones! Now we do make our own ice cream here at Yesteryear Acres, but there is just something about a waffle cone filled with the thick chewy ice cream that just screams summer. My brother had us all pile into his truck, including his doodle Olive of course, and took us all to the local ice cream place. Every lick of ice cream and every nibble of waffle cone was pure perfection. I don't know when Austin thought of this idea, but I am giving him major props for thinking of the BESTEST way to finish the longest day of the year. Mother nature must have liked his idea as well and has ever so thoughtfully turned down the heat and humidity outside. It feels so absolutely lovely! So THANK YOU AUSTIN! You are the best brother ever (yes even when you are super annoying)! The ice cream was fantastic and now get ready to get your butt kicked in the charade/taboo game!

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