Monday, June 23, 2014

Puppy Picture Monday!!

Howdy Y'all and happy puppy picture Monday! As I am sure I have mentioned before, puppy picture monday is my FAVORITE day while I am away at school. It gives me a glimpse of all the cutie doodles I am missing so much. I love watching them grow so much from Monday to Monday. Luckily I am home now for the summer so I get to play with them everyday! Here are Nutmeg's sweet doodle puppies! I like to think about what the puppies are saying in each picture...

 Haha! I see you have found a leaf... I am going to pounce on you for it!

 Pssst... Pssst! Hey!! Hey can I tell you a secret?....

 HAHAH GOTTCHA! Licked your ear!!

 Ummm excuse me... Uhh Mr. Austin?... I believe this is your towel. Please remember to keep the environment clean. Thanks buddy!

 Do you think this is my color? I do wonder if this will come in my size.

 Whoa Mr. Austin you are really tall! Do you think I could be as long as your leg some day?

 Or maybe I will settle for being as big as your shoe! 

Happy puppy picture Monday everyone! The website will be updated by Thursday! Have a great start to the week! WOOF! 

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