Wednesday, June 18, 2014

They Aren't Like Puppies at All!

Hello everyone! This is Amelia from Yesteryear Acres! I am so excited to be the guest blogger for the week. As I am pretty sure my Mom mentioned in a previous blog, I am working with a non-profit company this summer as a Nutrition and Physical Activity Educator intern. So I get to teach kids K-8th grade about nutrition and also play some fun PE games with them. With all my nutrition lessons I am also required to make a snack. Now in theory this doesn't seem bad at all. I am very used to filling doggie food bags and assembling doggie care kits, so I figured it would feel about the same. Make all the stuff and voila insta-happy doodles. However if one person has to make 90 snacks and those snacks require multiple steps... such as veggie wraps I made last night with cream cheese, avocado, diced bell peppers, turkey slices, and spinach on a whole wheat tortilla... well that's a lot of time (especially with the cling wrap that sticks to everything except for what I want it to). Luckily I had wonderful helpers! Bri and I assembled and wrapped each tortilla while my mom and brother organized and stored them in the refrigerator. All I can say is WHOA that was a TON of work. Now imagine being so happy and proud of the 90 veggie wraps you made and walking into a group of kids and handing out said snacks only to hear them start screaming "EWWWWWWWWWW!!"....... I was shocked! I was not greeted with my accustomed wagging tails of delight. There was no happy barks and looks of OH-MY-GOODNESS-IS-THIS-FOR-ME!!?!?! They were not like puppies at all! I had to super talk up the food and explain how each ingredient was integral for a strong body and mind. I mean I had to really coax them into taking a bite! JUST ONE BITE!! There was no running and tripping over each other to reach the food first or reorganizing to make sure everyone got their fair share... I felt like an opposite dog... A dog begging, but for people to eat! Once they finally tried it a majority actually really liked it and asked for the recipe! I have to say a doodle doggie has never done that. I really hope the 90 fruit and yogurt cups Bri and I just finished go over much more smoothly tomorrow morning! Or else I am going to have to bring in some doodles so the kids and learn how to "come-an-get-it" the right way... wagging tails and all!

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