Friday, June 6, 2014

Owl Down!

When one of Sweet Pea's adorable puppies went home today, I noticed that the stuffed owl in the Puppy Care Package had been....eviscerated! How could one of our sweet adorable doodle doggies do that to such a lovely owl?  Thankfully I noticed that we had an owl down for the count before the new puppy family went home.  I ran inside and replaced the poor stuffingless owl with a new one. I wonder how that happened.....
Our Official Product Testers

Grits really likes the crinkle doggies

Choosing favorite toys from the pile

I think I see the owl culprit!

Or should I say culprits!

Yes, we have pink owls too!

The little lambs aren't bad either

This is how I left the room.....
Hmmmm. I think the owls are doomed!
Owl Down! Owl Down!
At least we know they were loved!

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  1. Such beautiful dogs.
    Think those owls wish they could fly away :)


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