Monday, December 8, 2014

Doodle Kisses and Tail Wags

I made it home super late last night and was greeted by so many furry doodle kisses and tail wags! I was definitely missed!  My little doodle babies grew so much this week!
These Goldendoodle Puppies are ready for their new homes now

They have the most perfect teddy bear coats

Mr. Black Pawprints Collar Boy

Mr. Blue Pawprints Collar Boy

Mr. Blue Argyle Collar boy thinks he can fly!

"Gosh I love finding sticks!"

"Leaves are pretty tasty too!"

"Let me try!"

"I got one!"

"Now what should we do?"

"Chase more leaves!"

"Pssst - I think we have this Monday Puppy Picture Day taken care of"

"Wait! Mr. Yesteryear Acres!!!!"

"You dropped this!"

"Did you see that? I gave Mr. Yesteryear Acres back his handkerchief!"

So much Doodle cuteness to love!

Everyone loves Teddy Bear Doodles!

I am so lucky to come home to these adorable faces!

I missed them so much!
Here are the new Chocolate and Caramel Doodle babies!!!!

We have Four Chocolate Boys

and Two Caramel Boys

And One Caramel Girl and One Chocolate Girl

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