Thursday, December 4, 2014

Peanut Sauce Too!

If my sister's devotion to helping me clean my daughter's house the entire day yesterday wasn't enough, she made the most fantastic dinner last night. I mean it was birthday good.  She marinated chicken tenderloins with freshly chopped ginger and garlic and onions and secret spices and it was the most delicious chicken ever.  She didn't stop there either.  We had pan fried baby green beans, black rice and homemade peanut sauce too! She made a double batch of the peanut sauce and it was sooooo good.  We ate it with everything.  My daughter didn't get home last night until after 10pm and as soon as she walked in, she almost cried with happiness.  The heavenly aroma of my sister's dinner greeted her and my daughter ran to get her plate.  She loved every bite.  At one point she just stopped eating and looked at the plate with a big smile and said this was just the best meal ever.  After dinner we showed her all the progress we had made.  We got huge hugs of thanks and she was so very grateful for all we did.  Operation "Deployment Readiness" .....big success!!!!!!

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