Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I Can See!!!!!

Today my son surprised me with my Christmas Gift.  He has had a special day for us planned since before Christmas.  I have been waiting anxiously until December 30th at 11am to find out what he had in store for us.  First we went to lunch together which was awesome. I love spending time with him.  Then we went to.......the optometrist!  Yes, my son scheduled an eye exam for me.  I complain all the time about how I can't see anything.  I can barely read normal size print and the computer screen has been blurry forever.  I never knew just how bad it was until today's eye exam.  Turns out - I really can't see!  My distance vision wasn't awful but my mid-field vision was pretty bad and I needed a TON of correction for reading. The optometrist was surprised I was not already wearing glasses.  My son helped me pick out new frames
They will be ready in 10 days. I will be sporting new trifocals which I am sure will be quite lovely. As soon as I got the frames picked out.....
 I got fitted for contact lenses!  I have never worn contacts in my life.  I got a new lens with concentric circles to fix my various fields of vision.  At first everything was pretty blurry but then.... I COULD SEE!  I had the best ride home with my son.  I kept reading signs and telling him everything that I could see.  I could read who was playing on the radio. I could see the map. I could see the dial numbers. I could read the instrument panel.  I can see!!!! 
Now that is one awesome Christmas present!!!!

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