Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ready for his new home now

Our web hosting server is STILL down.  I was promised it would be up and running by Friday at the latest but that did not happen.  The new update is now that they cannot fix their servers until December 19th.  I am so frustrated.  I don't have the time to make a brand new website from scratch and just want my existing website to work.  If I could update my website, I would say....
We have one adorable Goldendoodle puppy ready for his new home now
Mr. Blue Argyle Collar Boy is waiting to give puppy hugs to his new family

He comes when he is called

Goes potty as soon as he goes outside

And has the most beautiful silky coat

He looks just like a teddy bear

Mr. Blue Argyle Collar Boy says,
"Will you be mine?"

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  1. We are interested. Where are you located and how much?
    Thank you.


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