Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Please Hold

Yesterday I spent hours and hours and hours trying to update the Yesteryear Acres website. It took over 15 minutes just to open the editor.  It took another 20 minutes for the application to load where I can upload pictures.  Once I found the picture I wanted to upload, the server timed out and I couldn't get the picture to upload.  I was so frustrated.  I called technical support and was put on hold for 47 minutes with an 8 note song that kept repeating "Please Hold". Once I finally got through, the technician had an awful time trying to get my site to work because the website technicians are in the middle of switching servers and are in the process of reconfiguring their network. This 2 week project was supposed to be finished already but obviously is still ongoing. The technician had me email my photos and then he remote loaded them onto the server. Uploading the 13 pictures took another 90 minutes and then he said that I should be able to retrieve the pictures from my end and finally publish my site.  Well, he was wrong.  I worked until 12:15am and when I finally had the page done and tried to publish - the entire site crashed and erased all my work.  All the pictures.  Everything.  It was as if my entire day meant nothing.  I started on my site again this morning and was the very first person to call into technical support. On the bright side - I didn't have to wait 47 minutes for my call to be answered.  On the negative side - the technical support person said there is nothing he can do as all the servers are down and might not be back on until Friday. UGH!  I am so frustrated and I am sorry for everyone who is hoping for the updates on my website. There is nothing more I can do except to wait.  So for today - let's pretend this is my site update......
Mr. Blue Pawprints Collar Boy

Mr. Black Pawprints Collar Boy

Mr. Blue Argyle Collar Boy

Ms. Butterfly Collar Girl

And Nutmeg's New Caramel and Chocolate F2B Labradoodle Babies
We have 2 Chocolate Boys and 1 Caramel Boy still available.  They will be ready for their new homes starting January 16th.
See? So simple! Come on website server! You can DO this!
Here's hoping they fix their network soon!

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