Sunday, December 28, 2014

Mathematical Conundrum

My son started an argument with me today. This is nothing unusual as he is always trying to find loopholes in logical arguments and loves to prove theories wrong. He lives for the opportunity to win an argument.  Today's contention.........."It is impossible to be twice as old as someone else." My son contends that one person can never be exactly twice as old as another person. He says it is mathematically impossible. I gave him loads of instances when it would in fact be possible.  Joe is 66, Sue is 33 - therefore Joe is twice as old as Sue.  Billy is six and Kate is twelve - therefore Billy is twice as old as Kate. You get the picture.  My son started getting down to the minute mathematical nanoseconds of time to prove that there would not even be enough time to say "I am twice as old as you" before that statement would no longer be true. I say that if "Sally" was born at precisely 12:00:00 on January 1st and one year later "Jane" was born at precisely 12:00:00 on January 1st, then when Sally and Jane had their birthdays the following year, Sally would be twice as old as Jane. The moment Sally turned two, Jane would be one year old and voila.....Sally is twice as old. My son is so adamant that he is right and I am wrong he told me to blog about it and see what everyone else thinks. So - is my son right in that time passes too quickly to precisely nail down when one person is exactly twice as old as another person or am I right in that if two people are born at the exact same time but different years - then at some point one person will be twice as old as the other??? What do you think?


  1. Age can be irrelevant. Let me explain from a more scientific point of view in context with human understanding of the Bible and natural science based in truth. So that you fully understand this let me ask you a question? How old are you? You only need to answer this question for yourself, as 1 I do not want or need to know the answer, and 2 being anonymous to protect myself from the deluge of advertising that Google and other search engines bots will throw at me if I select a profile for a response pretty much eliminates an answer from you.The second question is "How old are the elements that make up YOU?" You can see the composition of the human body in it's elemental building block form here Now, I have to ask you another question simply because I wouldn't know the answer to that one if I aksed it of myself. Would you ask a scientist to use radio carbon dating to determine your real age? If so why? It is very likely that you know how old your house is, just as you know how old you are because the date it was built appears on the deed, title, cornerstone or building plans held by your local government, just as the date you were born on your birth certificate. So that in context name something you built yourself. How old is it? As in when did you build it? Let me give you an example, let's say you built a model in 1983, it would be about 31 years old. Now how old are the materials you made it from? you would probably have no idea, because you have no idea when the manufacturer made them. It is much the same with you. Radio carbon dating could not and would not determine your actual age, because it does not and could not determine the time God built you, it only determines how old the elements or building blocks that make you up are. Scientists have radio carbon dated new lava flows from the volcano on Hawaii to be older than the island itself. Why do you think that is. The Bible may indeed have an answer, which incurs another question. "Where in the Bible does it mention the creation of water?" If your mind drifted over to Genesis chapter 1, Can you tell anyone the specific scripture? Why or why not? Did you ever build anything from nothing? Neither did God! Before you created your model you laid out plans for it, whether they were in your mind, or on a piece of paper. Your model was nothing yet, as in void because you haven't created it yet. yet all the materials were there to create it. Genesis chapter 1 verses 1 & 2. It was the same when God created the earth. all of the materials were there He just had not created it yet. "Water" many times in the Bible is symbolic of life. As in the account of the Samarian woman at the well... John Chapter 4 verses 7 - 10. This is because it is water and all of the elements that were dissolved in it ARE the building blocks that make up life. God simply put them together to make everything... including you and your beloved son. So the same radio carbon dating that could not determine your age because it only determined the age of the elements that make you up cannot determine the accurate age of Hawaii because it is dating older not the island itself but the building blocks that make it up. Therefore would it be correct to assume that dinosaur bones that were excavated are really 10,000 years old. If your answer is no, based on these facts you have found out for yourself then would it be correct to assume that radio carbon dating is a blind science? If your answer to that second part is no then you and your son could very well be the same age... 10,000 years old. See if you can find a scientist to carbon date you. LOL.

    1. The most accurate method of dating the actual age of the earth co-incides with the historical information the Bible gives. The oldest living thing on the face of the earth are the giant redwoods in redwood national park. Scientists have dated the oldest tree in the park to be around 4,000 years old by counting the tree rings. This accounts for the 2,000 years of the Bible from the flood to Christ. and for the 2000 years after Christ. Adding in the 2,000 historical years before the flood as indicated from historical accounts in the Bible, the actual age of the earth from the time it was created is more realistically 6,000 years old. Not as false science indicates that dates what it was built with. I subscribe to your blog, any further comments or questions can be answered by a simple post directed to anonymous.

  2. Assuming a year is 365 1/4 days long, the child born at 12:00 AM on Jan 1, and the child born at the same time one year later will never be half or twice as old as the other because what constitutes a day is not exactly as long. In fact, a day must be added to the year every four years to compensate for this aspect of time. Advantage Austen.


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