Monday, December 1, 2014

Last Puppy Goodbyes

My daughter said her last goodbyes to the puppies before we left home.  Saying goodbye to the doggies is sometimes the hardest part.  They are just too cute to leave! Here are some pictures from my daughter's puppy goodbyes and then tomorrow I will have even more puppy pictures to post.  I have so many adorable pictures that "Puppy Picture Monday" will also be "Puppy Picture Tuesday" too!  You can never have too much cuteness!!!!
"Hey! Look what we found!"

"Oh Boy!!! A BIG PILLOW!"

"Let's all hop on"

"This is the best pillow ever"

"We should all join in"

"Can we stay here all day long?"

"This is the perfect resting place"


"We love you so much!"

"and....your hat tastes yummy"

"Sniff Sniff"
"Bye sweet puppies! I will miss you!"

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