Monday, December 22, 2014

What I didn't have to write

This morning - once again - my website wasn't working.  I was almost in tears as this has been sooooooo frustrating.  How can anyone see cute puppies when my site continues to be down?  I emailed (once again) the tech support team for the web server and then walked away from the computer for a while to go do something that would be more productive than watching a spinning wheel of doom.  I was thinking about writing today's blog and how once again my blog would be about my dysfunctional website started working this afternoon!  Now I don't have to write about why I can't update my site but instead can I can write.....IT IS WORKING!  I have all new pictures posted on my website and everything is up to date! Yay!
Here are this week's cuties
Nutmeg's puppies are getting a little bit bigger. 
Her chocolate boys are just so cute! 

And so are her 2 little girls

Who doesn't love Caramels!?
"Hey! Get out of my picture!"

Our New F1B Goldendoodle Babies are here!!!!!!
Our Goldendoodle Blossom is the proud mommy of our 4 little boys and 4 little girls.  Mommy and Puppies are all doing well.

Happy Monday!!!!

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