Saturday, December 20, 2014

Tomorrow the Reindeer come out

Today we finally finished up most of the big projects.  We have just a few odds and ends and some cleaning to do but for the most part - we can consider our major work completed.  It is a good thing too because I am sooooo tired.  Today I was in the middle of making more coffee and I forgot that I was making coffee.  I couldn't even find a mug.  I am that tired.  I am getting a lot accomplished but I feel like I am wearing lead shoes.  Just making it through the day is taking a lot of motivation on my part.  Tonight we will take a little time off and celebrate all our hard work.  I have a Crown Roast of Pork in the oven with a wild rice and apple stuffing.  I have never made crown roast of pork before so I hope it turns out.  It looks like a massive amount of food!  I think we will be eating pork for weeks.  For dessert I made Mr. Yesteryear Acres favorite - Tapioca Pudding.  I am looking forward to sitting down and enjoying a nice long leisurely dinner.  Tomorrow....we officially start decorating for Christmas.  Time for the Reindeer to come out.  Christmas is coming!

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