Friday, December 12, 2014

Was Pick up Concrete Tools on my list?

Little did I know that today was, "Stop the current projects that are going on such as complete the electrical work in the kitchen" and instead became, "Let's Finish the Flagpole Project" day. I checked my list and I am certain that, "Let's Finish the Flagpole Project" was NOT on today's list.  I am pretty certain that finish the electrical work in the kitchen was on today's list.  I must have an old list! Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son are in the process of putting up a giant flagpole in our front yard.  They have been working diligently on this project and in fact the flagpole project is part of my son's grade for a class assignment. My son is the one figuring out the dimensions, circumference, depth, cubic yards of concrete needed, and ordering parts etc.  It is really his project.  With the warmer/drier weather - I guess it is crucial to finish that project this weekend/early next week. Last night my son was outside digging an immensely deep hole in our front yard. He is outside right now finishing the digging as he has ordered the concrete truck to arrive Monday so he has to get everything finished before then. I bet you are wondering just how this changes my day? Well instead of Christmas shopping, instead of Christmas decorating and instead of doing at least some of the things on my very full to-do list - I got to drive around and pick up the tools needed to finish the concrete work. OH MY GOSH!  Am I so lucky?  Can you even imagine my joy when I was assigned that job?  Less than 2 weeks to Christmas......Oh YAY!  Can I pick up Concrete tools?!!! Oh boy!  Gosh that is exciting. Hey......Maybe tomorrow I will start the Christmas list!

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