Monday, December 15, 2014

A Website AND a Blog

Puppy Picture Monday and Website Monday is here so imagine my sheer delight and joy when I tried yet again to publish my site but my webserver is still down! I am so frustrated but aside from painstakingly rebuilding my entire website page by page, there is not much I can do. So for today ....... my blog post will be my website AND my blog!  Two in One!
Nutmeg's Chocolate and Caramel Doodle puppies 
are just starting to open their eyes.
Our four chocolate doodle boys are just so cute.

Here are Nutmeg's 2 little girls

And her two caramel boys.
Nutmeg is taking really great care of her babies!
And believe it or not.....
We still have one goldendoodle boy available.  
Mr. Blue Argyle Collar Boy
We have had several interested families inquire about him so I am sure he will have a new family soon. 
He is doing great with his leash training

And is a great snuggle buddy 

He is getting the hang of house breaking

And comes right back when he is finished

"I am all done!"

"On my way back to you!"

"I am a good little puppy!"

"I am getting good at sitting on command"


"I am also really good at naps!"
I am ready for my new home now
Happy Monday!

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