Tuesday, December 16, 2014

One to Ten

My son has a game he loves to play that he calls "One to Ten."  The purpose of this game is to dare someone to do something.  Then each person has to think of a number in a given range.  It could be pick a number from 1-100 or 1-50 but my son always chooses the range of 1-10.  He likes to make things competitive. At the count of three, each person playing the game yells out the number that they are thinking of.  If the number matches - then the dare must be completed. For example.....Late last night my son approached me and said, "One to Ten, You have to make brownies tonight".  I said I didn't want to play.  I said I wasn't going to play.  Then my son started the countdown.......3......2......1....and we both yelled out the number 4.  ARGH!  Obviously I am bound by the laws of the game.  If you play the game 1-10 and lose - you have to do the dare.  I mean that's the law.  So guess who had to make brownies last night?  Yes.  Me.  I have lost on various dares.  Such as One to Ten, Make my Lunch.  One to Ten, I can watch a movie tonight. Don't worry though, I have won plenty challenges.  Guess who doesn't have to take out the trash?  Guess who didn't have to do the dinner dishes?  Thankfully I won on the "One to Ten - Run into the kitchen and tackle Dad yelling, "Grenade!"  I am very thankful I won that one and didn't have to complete the dare!!!! Since I am feeling lucky, I think I shall challenge him to go help Mr. Yesteryear Acres put the pantry floor back together. One to Ten...Go!

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