Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Caramel Cuties

This week Blossom and Maple's puppies start solid food.  This will be their big growth week as the puppies really start to grow and fill out once they get the hang of licking their bowls clean.  The Mommy dogs like it too! They are excellent at cleaning up after the puppies have had their fill.

Blossom's puppy says.....are you sure I will like it?

Well, I guess we should give it a try!

Maple's puppies won't be big enough to try solid food until this weekend

So for now......they get to watch Blossom's puppies try it out

Looks pretty yummy to me!

AND we have new babies!!!!!!!

Juneau delivered 11 beautiful caramel and apricot doodle babies

They are a sweet snuggly bunch

Just a lap full of love! 

Caramel Cuties!!!
Nutmeg's Dark Chocolate Girl says,
"Happy Tuesday!!!"

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