Thursday, January 8, 2015

He's Wearing a Hat!

Oh my!  Winter weather has seriously descended upon us.  What was my clue? It wasn't when my hair froze when I stepped outside to let the doodle doggies out. It wasn't through the incessant postings and picture uploads of below freezing thermometers and frozen cars.  It wasn't via the exuberant meteorologists telling us just how cold that arctic air is.  It wasn't even that over a million school children had school cancelled in the United States due to the bitter cold. The moment that I knew it was cold....bitter cold...brutally bitterly cold is son wore a.....HAT!  Yes.  My son actually put a hat on his head when he went outside today. What is even more shocking....he wore LONG SLEEVES!  I mean he is wearing his white t-shirt as per usual but on top of his t-shirt is a long-sleeved shirt.  This is serious.  Winter is here.  Obviously if my son is wearing a hat, then I need a sub-arctic snowsuit. I better go put on some more layers!!!!

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