Sunday, January 18, 2015

Organized Chaos

With Nutmeg's pups going home, me coming back and settling back in from my Peru class, Clean the House Thursday was moved to Clean the House Sunday. Now here at Yesteryear Acres we are used to being prepared for the unexpected and going with the flow. Cleaning the house is no exception. I can not even begin to go through the range of emotions that occur when I clean the house here. I mean our house gets dirty really quickly. And it isn't like we don't clean everyday, the house just gets one very big clean once a week. But with all the doodles and cats and my brother.... the house gets messy in record speed. I go from "oh my gosh how could this get THAT dirty in one week" to "oh I am so proud of how good this looks" to "STOOOP!! I JUST CLEANED THAT NOOOOOOOOOOO!" and then I have to start ALL over again. But the thing is I know it is going to happen. For example I JUST walked away from a sink full of dishes to go switch laundry loads when TA-DA!! The sink is full again does it matter that I also JUST emptied the dishwasher and there is space in there for more dishes? NOPE. These dishes also need hand washed. Then I finish the dishes and go vacuum and dust the first floor. I get the whole living room set up for laundry folding and then I step away for just a second to water the puppies... And when I get back to the living room my brother is trying to put together a GAZILLION piece greenhouse and a doodle is standing on my Dad's clean WHITE button-up shirt thusly leaving mud prints by the pocket. GREAT now I get to wash his clothes once again. Do I get mad? YES, but luckily just for a second. Because although there is organized chaos here at Yesteryear Acres, I wouldn't have it any other way. It keeps me on my toes and it reminds me how loved our house is. We make memories every single day. AND we live life to the fullest. I am going to go see how my brother's greenhouse is coming along. May your days be filled with Organized Chaos! :)

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