Friday, January 30, 2015

I am done! Let's go back in!

Housebreaking puppies in the winter isn't as arduous as people fear it will be. I have many families who want to wait until the weather is warmer before they take on the task of housebreaking a new puppy.  Warmer weather is indeed nicer for going outdoors.  No snow boots are necessary.  No snow parkas are necessary.  No hats, gloves, scarves - just a nice t-shirt, shorts and a pair of flipflops and you are good to go.  It feels so wonderful outside.  You could stay outside all day long.  The thing can the puppy.  Instead of quickly going out, the puppy thinks, "Oh Look!  A BUTTERFLY!  Hey look at that!  A flower!  What's over here?  What's over there?  Let's play in the grass!  Let's play ALL DAY LONG!"  Puppies LOVE warmer weather just as much as humans do!  Now in the cold dark dreary winter days, parkas may be necessary but the time outside is dramatically shortened.  Business is done and....back inside!!!!! Everyone loves a nice warm house!!!! Blossom and Maple's puppies are doing great with their housebreaking even with the ice storms, snow storms and super cold weather.  I took a few quick pictures with my phone this afternoon so they aren't the best pictures but you can see - the pups are loving our winter outings.
"Alright puppies!  Let's go potty!"

"Is this far enough?"

"Where did the grass go?"

"It isn't over here"

"Hey -  I am already done!"

"Me too!"

Ready to go back in!

Don't forget the toy!!!
Good thing the puppies are loving the winter weather because it looks like Sunday.....there will be lots more white stuff to love!!!!

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