Thursday, January 29, 2015

If at first you don't succeed...

Thank you SO much for trying to vote for my daughter's picture yesterday! Evidently the link the internship provided wasn't that great.  The link routed people to their main page and not to the internship photo contest.  A sweet midmom friend of mine made a new link works!!!!  Her son went to the Naval Academy with my daughter and we have been friends with other midmoms since our kids walked through the gates.  We are a very close group and I am so grateful for our friendship. I tested her new link out and I believe voting should be much easier.  So here is the new direct link:

Please Share and Thank you for voting. My daughter wanted me to be sure to send her THANK YOU too!! It would be so awesome if my daughter were able to get the interview for this position.  I bet she will have amazing pictures and stories to share!!!!  I will definitely keep everyone posted!
As for today - looks like it will be one wet icy day at Yesteryear Acres.  Icy rain has been steadily falling all morning and it is soooooo slippery outside.  Even the doodle doggies cannot walk without slipping.  It will be a bit treacherous here for a while.  I think I would take any other type of weather condition over icy rain.  I am not known for my graceful balance and walking (sliding, slipping, skidding, falling) on icy surfaces is definitely not my forte.  Looks like a day to put on the crampons.  I wonder if anyone makes doodle doggie crampons?  I think they would like to wear a pair too!!!!  Happy skating!

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  1. Still asks for a Facebook login and the thumb up icon just spins and spins. Oh well...I have absolutely no desire to join Facebook, but did want to add my vote to Amelia's total.


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