Friday, January 16, 2015

Ummm You Know You're a Cat Right?

I think my Mom blogged about this when it happened... but about a year ago on my brother's birthday, my dad and I rescued two kittens that had taken refuge from a huge flood in a wood pile. They were the smallest most helpless creatures I have ever seen. I pleaded my case to bring them inside, give them a bath, and find them some food. Luckily everyone here at Yesteryear Acres has a VERY big soft spot when it comes to animals and the kittens were quickly swooped inside. I spent so much time with the kittens and I named them Hansel and Gretel even though I knew the chances of keeping them were really slim. They were the cutest kittens in the whole world. Our sweet doodles took on these orphaned kittens and helped me raise them. My dog penny was probably the most patient. She has this little dog bed by the radiator that she adores and she let those little rascals snuggy up to her and she kept them warm. Olive loved the kittens too and as they started to get bigger they played all together. Well the kittens are not so kitten like anymore and quite frankly not quite cat like either... I think that they believe they are dogs! For example... this morning I was woken up when Gretel had jumped up onto my bed and started to DROOL on my face. Yes that is right... my cats drool like dogs. They drool when they start purring when you pet them, they drool when you put the food bowl down, and now apparently they drool when they want you to get up. There was nothing else to do this morning but to laugh and ask my sweet Gretel if she knew she was a cat! Cats are supposed to swat at your face, meow, or tackle your moving feet under the covers to wake you up! Not drool!!! To be completely honest I wouldn't have it any other way! I love my drooling half cat half doodle kittens. They always make me laugh. Whether it is stealing my hair tie and giving it to Penny or wrapping themselves around Olive while she eats, my doodle drooly cats make me happy. I am so lucky that they became permanent honorary doodles here at Yesteryear Acres. A very big thank you to my family, especially my brother who I know gets stuck with the litter boxes, for taking care of my doodle cats while I am away at school. I love them so much!

My Kitty Alarm Clock.
I didn't get up fast enough so she sat on me.

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