Monday, January 5, 2015

Warm Puppy Snuggles

Our Doodle Babies are all doing great and of course are just so adorable. They were excited for the very first Monday Puppy Picture update of the year! Nutmeg's puppies braved the cold weather and had a blast playing outside.

"Hey! What does this ball taste like?"

"Pretty Good!"

"Who wants to play?"

"I am a snuggly teddy bear"
"Me too!"
"Where did the ball go?"

"Ball?  What Ball?"

Maple's Double Doodle Puppies now have their eyes open

Aren't they so cute?  They are super soft too!

Blossom's little Goldendoodle babies have the best coats

Nothing like a pile of warm puppy snuggles

Happy Monday!!!

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