Monday, January 12, 2015

Puppy Picture Monday! The Snow Edition

It is my favorite day of the week... Puppy Picture Monday!! Whenever I am away from home I always look forward to my Mom's blog on Mondays. Even when I was in Peru for my winter term class I logged onto the blog as soon as I had access to wifi at the hostel we were staying at. I just miss the cute little puppy faces so much when I am gone!

Nutmeg's puppies got to romp around in the snow for their pictures. They were cracking me up the way they kept licking the snow like it was the best treat they have ever gotten in their entire lives. 

"Wait you mean you can eat this stuff?"

"Mmmmm Delicious!!"

"Dashing through the snow... la la la la la"

"If we stand like this do we look like snowmen?"

"OOOOH I CAUGHT ONE! I caught a snowflake on my tongue!"
Maple's puppies took my approach and stayed all snuggly warm in their blankets in response to the winter weather. 
I think Maple's sweet girls were still dreaming of sugar plums

While her boys were dreaming of the day they too could try the delicious white goodness of snow
Blossom's beautiful babies also liked the blanket fort technique. They preferred to stay cozy warm and watch the snow fall from the window. 
Blossom's girls liked the way the snow sparkled in the trees "Aww isn't it beautiful?"

Blossom's boys also liked the view of the snowflakes "Oh did you see that one?! OH and THAT one!?"
If you choose to explore the snow like Nutmeg's pups, or stay snuggled in blankets like Maple's and Blossom's babies, or however you choose to spend your snowy wintery day, have a Happy Puppy Picture Monday!!

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