Thursday, January 15, 2015

Next Time I'm Bringing the Camera!

Oh my goodness! The most exciting thing happened today! This afternoon I went on a walk with the doodles and my brother and we saw the craziest thing... a whole FLOCK of bluebirds!! I mean a WHOLE FLOCK of BLUEBIRDS! I have never been so surprised in my entire life! Apparently this was not a shock to my brother or my Dad as they have already seen the bluebirds. And they were sure to tell me that Bri has seen them as well. I couldn't believe that we have had a flock of bluebirds here at Yesteryear Acres and NO ONE has told me about it! I mean I get super excited when I just see one bluebird flitting around the woods, but a whole flock!?! I wish I had my camera with me or my phone! I felt like a disney princess surrounded by all my bird friends. They were super friendly and playful as the swooped around us and the doodles! I still can't believe that Yesteryear Acres now has bluebird doodles! I am going back out tomorrow and this time I am bringing the camera!

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