Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Please Share! Birthday Wishes can come True!

22 years ago today, a sweet, caring, thoughtful, compassionate, honest, appreciative, loving, kind, beautiful inside and out little girl was born.  I have been so lucky she is my daughter and I have treasured every single moment since the day she was born. She cares about people. She cares about animals. She cares about the environment.  She cares about all creatures great and small.  My daughter will be graduating this May with a degree in Psychology and Nutrition and is looking forward to new exciting adventures as she embarks on a new career. She recently applied for an internship for the summer serving as a photo journalist while traveling to 14 different countries.  She will be responsible for daily blog entries, social media, photo submissions etc.  It is a dream internship position for her.  Along with the traditional resume/cover letter application process, the internship position is offering a guaranteed interview for the person who gets the most "likes" for their photo submission. My daughter submitted this photo that she took of the Dunvegan Castle in Scotland:
So far she has 9 likes.  If anyone wants to help make my daughter's birthday wish come true and like her photo - that would be AWESOME!  I would love for her to get the chance to interview for the internship. Please share the link and hopefully she will get a lot of Thumb's up!
Here is the direct link to the contest:
Please click the thumb's up "like" button for her specific picture (not the page itself) in order for the vote to count.  Thanks for all who participate!!!!  I appreciate it so much and I know she will too!!!!  Happy Birthday my sweet daughter! I love you so much!


  1. Love to help but don't have a Facebook account. Is there a way to do this without creating an account?

    1. I know the voting only works from a computer (as opposed to a smart phone) and I believe you would need a Facebook account as well. Thanks so much for trying!

  2. Try this direct link


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