Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Why Thank You!

Just as I was lamenting the fact my son was gone and school had begun and how quiet and sad the house was without him.....Mother Nature stepped in and granted my wish! We got a lovely snowfall last night and this morning to everyone's delight - school was cancelled.  Why thank you Mother Nature!!!!! I feel that this slower pace in returning to the back to school routine is much better.  This morning we all had a big delicious breakfast and after we were all done it was time for farm chores.  I have to say that picking up doodle doggie poop in the beautiful snow is much better than muddy rainy farm chores! It was so beautiful outside!  This afternoon we had tons of time to play with the doodle doggies out in the snow and got some sledding in as well. A whole day off! Snow Perfect!

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