Friday, February 5, 2016

10 Lovebugs

Blue's Double Doodle Puppies were just too adorable today.  They were very big helpers with some of the farm chores!
"Hey Mr. Yesteryear Acres!  Wait for us!"

"He is a fast walker!"

"Which way did he go?"

"Not up here"

"We found you!"

"Oh Boy!  Poop Patrol!  We can help!"

"Do you like all the presents we left for you?"
"You missed one over here!
 Ha ha ha ...We are sooooooooooo helpful!!!
We are the 10 Little Lovebugs"

Mr. Blue Pawprints Collar Boy

Mr. Black Pawprints Collar Boy

Mr. Camo Collar Boy

Mr Red Bandana Boy

And Mr. Blue Argyle Collar Boy
and of course we can't forget the girls!

Miss Apple Collar Girl

Miss Butterfly Collar Girl

Miss Pink Argyle Collar Girl

Miss Cherry Blossom Collar Girl

Miss Rainbow Collar Girl
"Whew! That's a lot of puppy picture cuteness!"
Happy Friday!

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