Saturday, February 13, 2016

There is a very good chance

This morning the alarm clock went off at 4:55am.  The doodle doggies looked at me with sleepy eyes and wondered why the lights had to be turned on.  The kitty doodles looked at me and wondered why the covers had to be pulled off.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres looked at me and wondered why I wasn't already making breakfast.  In exchange for my sweet wonderful Mr. Yesteryear Acres making the 12 hour roundtrip puppy delivery, I agreed to get up and get everything ready for the road trip while he showered and got dressed.  I begrudgingly headed downstairs and made breakfast, packed a lunch, loaded the Puppy Mobile and let the puppies know that even though the sun wasn't even close to coming up, it was indeed time to go outside for one last potty run.  The puppies were very good about it and with the balmy 2* weather - the potty run was a quick and efficient one.  Once the puppy mobile was fully loaded and Mr. Yesteryear Acres was safely on the road.....
there is a very good chance
that the kitty doodles and doggie doodles BEGGED me to climb back into the big warm bed for a quick little snuggle.  I mean I am not saying that I did crawl back into bed, but I happen to know that the bed was very warm and I happen to know the doggies and kitties did enjoy snuggling and I happen to know - it was heavenly. Thanks Mr. Yesteryear Acres!  You are my hero!

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