Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Snow Fetch

With all this awesome snow at Yesteryear Acres there is just one thing that must be done.....
Snow Fetch Time! Our dogs love playing fetch in the snow
Here is our white Golden Retriever - Lily
Look at that big smile!

Time to play!

"Here I come!"

Snow Fetch time!

Ready....Go get the snowball!

"I got it!"

"I always find the exact snowball that Mr. Yesteryear Acres throws"

"I love this game!"

"Here I come"

"See? Found it!"

"Let's do it again"


"I got it.....I got it"

Air catch!

Got it!

Ready for more

I think Lily would play this game all day long!

She loves it!

Another snowball found!

What a good doggie

Bringing it back to Mr. Yesteryear Acres

I think these 2 played this game for an hour

and Lily smiled the whole time!

She cracks me up

She always pounces way high in the air

And somehow manages to land on the exact snowball thrown

and happily brings it back every time
Lily says......."Can't you throw the snowball one more time?"

"Oh please????"

Mr. Yesteryear Acres can't resist that cute face

Here we go again


Mid-air snatch! 
Best. Game. Ever.

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