Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Yes we have Doggies

Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I had a full day.  We got up early and we were busy the entire day non-stop. We managed to get most everything crossed off our list including going shopping at not one but two warehouse clubs.  Man we know how to have fun don't we!?  We didn't even really get to shop together.  I had a cart for all of the household things and Mr. Yesteryear Acres had the flatbed for all the Doodle Doggie things.  He went one way and I went the other and we met at the checkout when we had our lists complete.  Of course I beat him to the checkout lane because I had things like milk and eggs and bread and he had DOGGIE things.  What is more interesting than Doggie things?  Mr. Yesteryear Acres got stopped at almost every single aisle with the normal warehouse club questions..... "have some dogs do you?" and "how big is your dog?" and "how much does all that dog food cost?"  I am fairly certain Mr. Yesteryear Acres enjoyed his famous status today. He took the time to talk to everyone and even though we were in a hurry, you could never tell.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres is always nice to everyone.  I love that about him.  And why yes - we do have doggies!

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