Wednesday, February 10, 2016

You Got Me There

Just this past Sunday - we had Blue's puppy visit day.  The puppies were outside enjoying the warm sunshine.  I was outside with just a sweatshirt - no gloves - no hat - no boots.  It was just as if Spring had arrived and I half-expected Daffodils to be blooming when I woke up the next morning.
There were no daffodils on Monday morning.  Instead when I let the dogs out on Monday morning in my pajamas....this is what awaited me
Giant size snowflakes falling from the sky.  The ground beneath was totally muddy and gushy and not at all winter-like.  Oh you got me there Mother Nature. I was thoroughly fooled into thinking Spring was on the way.  Thank you so much for reinforcing the fact that winter has returned. 
Today's outfit - 

not a short-sleeved shirt to be found.  I have to say the snow is BEAUTIFUL and I am glad it will be here long enough to enjoy it.  With the weekend's single digit temperatures, looks like weekend sledding will be on the calendar! 

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