Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sunshiny Day

I had to run into town this afternoon as I had a special order that had come in and needed to be picked up today. I couldn't believe how beautifully nice the day was.  It felt like spring.  It felt like kite-flying weather.  It felt like a picnic in the sunshine kind of a day. When I got to town - I could not believe the overwhelming number of people that were there.  I could hardly find a place to park! Every store was filled with people. There were people everywhere!  I felt like it was a Black Friday shopping day.  I had a few errands to run while I was out and I had to stand in a long line in every store. All I could think was "WHY?!"  When I talked to the store clerks - they all said the same thing.....WHY?  They too had wished they were outside enjoying our spring sneak peek.  Hours later I returned home to find very tired very happy doodle doggies.  My son had come home from college and took the doggies out on a super long off leash hike.  Their muddy happy contented faces said it all. They definitely won the best way to spend a sunshiny day! Before I could even say how sad I was to miss the doodle doggie walk, my son offered to go on a long walk with me tomorrow. Yay!  I can't wait! I love going on Doodle Doggie hikes with him!!!!!!!

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