Monday, February 8, 2016

How did we get 11?

This is the last Puppy Picture Monday for Blue's Double Doodle puppies.  They will all be going to their new homes this weekend.  We have had so much fun with Blue's puppies.  While taking this week's pictures I wondered ..........
How did we get 11?
"Hey Guys!  I found a new sister!"

"Where did she come from?"

"Who me?  I've been here all along!"

"Let's see how she tastes"

"She is very kissable"

"And she likes it when we tell her secrets"

"She likes snuggling too"

"Maybe no one will notice that there are now 11 of us!"

"Say cheese little sister!"

"Let's give her more kisses!"

"She loves smooches!"

"BUT no one gives better kisses than Mr. Yesteryear Acres!"

"He is the best!!!!"

"Eh.....He's okay!"

Stay Cool Everybody and Happy Monday!!!!!!

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