Thursday, February 4, 2016

Snack Time....Milk, No Cookies

We thought today would be a good day for Blue to teach her puppies to go on a short little hike.  Blue thought it was a great idea too.  Hike?!  YAY!  We got all the puppies out and were ready for the big adventure.
The puppies had a different idea.......
"Hike???? We thought you said SNACK!"

Snack Time is WAY better than Hike Time!!!!

Blue is wondering just how long snack time will be

And when will her snack arrive?

"You kids done yet?"


Milk!  No cookies!

Warm milk is the best!

Thanks mom!
"Hey, Where are we going?"

"Guess we better follow mom!"

"She found Mr. Yesteryear Acres!"

"Heh heh heh...I got mom's tail!"

"This is so much fun"

"Wow! Mom is really good at playing fetch!"

"Guess we better run back to Mr. Yesteryear Acres"

So this is what they call "sit"

"Thanks for the lesson mom!  Let's play again tomorrow!!!!"

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