Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I Love my Snow Globe

This morning when I woke up and looked outside, an audible "ooooooooh" could be heard leaving my lips. To me, there are very few things more breathtakingly beautiful than a fresh new snowfall. I love every single picture postcard moment.
Time for a morning snow walk!

My horses enjoying the new snow

I never get tired of seeing my horsies.  I love them.

Pond?  What pond!?
It is hard to believe we were fishing here last week!

My walking path is so beautiful

The snowy corn field

How I love the snow covered trees

Every single branch was white

I could just look up at the snow covered canopy all day

Frosty hill

I am so blessed to have such beautiful vistas
Nothing better than long walks in the snow 
Our beautiful woods

My snowy path of happiness

Every place I look

puts a smile on my face

Heading on home

I love my snow globe 
Happy Snow Day
Thanks for taking my snow walk with me!

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