Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Gaggle Cacophony

Every year we have a pair of geese that choose to make their nest in the low flood-prone part of our field.  I am not sure why they pick this location because we have hundreds of better places to make a nest but for some reason - this is THE place.  Once the little hatchlings are big enough, the mom always leads them to our pond where they reside until they mature and fly away.  Well this year, the word must have gotten out.  "Come to the wet soggy part of the field!!!!!  It is the BEST!"   This morning the raucous in our field could be heard all the way up at our house.  There is quite the competition for the "prime" nesting location.  It has gone on all day long.  Geese flying in and out.  Geese fighting.  Geese parading.  Geese strutting their stuff.  The Doodle Doggies are quite amused by all of this. While I am certainly happy the Doodle Doggies are well entertained, I hope that just one pair will ultimately win.  5-6 goslings are more than enough waterfowl for our pond.  So let the cacophony continue until we are down to hopefully one quiet sweet pair of geese.

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