Friday, February 12, 2016

Snow Faces

Tomorrow the "Puppy Mobile" will be heading east to deliver Blue's Double Doodle puppies. We had one last day of playing out in the snow and of course the puppies had a blast.  I will miss these cute adorable snow faces!!!!!
Who has the cutest snow face?

Miss Apple Collar Girl says, "Choose Me!"

"Ha Ha Ha! I am heading to TEXAS!  No more snow for me!"

Mr. Camo Collar Boy says, "I love the snow!"

"Snow prancing is fun!"

Cherry Blossom collar says, "If you get enough snow on your face.......

you can have your own snowcone!"

"Like this?"

"Check out my snow beard!"

"Let me taste it!"

"Nope! All for me!"
"How about you?"

"Hey where did everyone go?"

"HURRAY! Mr. Yesteryear Acres is here!"

"We LOVE him!"

"Wanna see our snow faces????"


"He likes them!!!"

"We are snow buddies!"

"Say Cheese!"

"Alright guys - time to head on home!"


"Gosh that was fun!"

"Let's go get ready to meet our new families!
We cannot wait!!!!!"

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