Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Nothing Special Fabulous Kind of Day

Today was a "Nothing Special but still Fabulous" kind of day.  Nothing out of the ordinary happened. Nothing incredibly exciting or newsworthy. Still - it was a most wonderful day.  I woke up with a kitty snuggled on one side of me, a doggie on the other side of me and another kitty and doggie at my feet.  It made getting out of bed very difficult!!!  Everyone wanted more snuggle time so I enjoyed a few more luxurious moments in my big comfy bed surrounded by my furry family. When I went downstairs, Mr. Yesteryear Acres had a perfect cup of coffee waiting.  We had a nice quiet breakfast together and then set out to do all the farm chores.  The weather was so nice and it felt like spring and our chores were all done in record time.  The rest of the day followed suit, delicious lunch together, afternoon chores enjoying each other's company, animals who adore us, and tonight we are going to have the BEST dinner.  I love my life!  And I am eternally grateful for all my Nothing Special but Fabulous Kind of Days!

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