Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Spa Magazine

I believe my Doodle Doggies have secretly obtained a Spa Magazine subscription.  Evidently they are very fond of discovering all the wondrous effects of mud treatments. The allure of the very elite and posh mud treatments at all the finest spas must have been calling to them.  "Mud treatments promise to draw out toxins!  Make your skin super soft!  Relieve joint pain! Mud treatments are Healing and Rejuvenating and Relaxing!" I believe my Doodle doggies have bought into all the mud propaganda because.......
Oh my.  I have a very muddy bunch of Doodle Doggies and every single one of them has a great big SMILE on their face.  When I look at their very happy and very content faces, I think.....maybe they are onto something!  They do look very youthful and relaxed!  Perhaps I have been missing out on our "luxury mud treatments" all these years.  I bet I find out because these doggies need a bath!

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