Monday, February 22, 2016

Chocolate Kiss

Truffles puppies can now hear us when we walk into the room and they jump up with little tail wags and little barks of appreciation.  They are starting to wrestle and play with one another and are just so adorable! Here they are hamming it up for the camera......
"Whatever you do......Don't look at the camera!"

"Quick!  Pretend you are sleeping!" 
Chocolate Kiss!!!
"Ha Ha Ha - My eyes are closed!"
"Heh Heh....Mine too!"
"Look at me! Halfway open!"
"Alright guys....Time to get serious!"

Truffles Caramel Boy 

Truffles Chocolate Boys

Aren't they so cute??? 
Truffles Chocolate Girls

Chocolate Super Models

I love their silky coats

They were happy to have their pictures taken all day long

Striking a pose

Thanks Chocolate Girls!  
The Caramel Girls said, "Hey we are super models too!"

Caramel Super Models!!!!!!

Happy Monday Everyone!!!!

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