Thursday, February 25, 2016

Silver Lining... I mean snow crystal lining

We definitely have had our share of crazy winter weather here.  One day it is short-sleeved weather and the next day it is parkas.  I never even know what to wear until I open the back door and see if it will be a day spent in the arctic or a day in the tropics.  This morning it was arctic.  I opened my door to lots of snow and began putting on my layers of warm clothing so I could go out and start the farm chores. As always, Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I have a lot of poop removal in our daily chores. I mean a lot.  This winter has made my poop removal work vacillate between chopping away at frozen poopsicles and scooping up muddy runny "used-to-be" poopsicles. Today was an oh so pleasant mix of both.  As I was scooping up the poop, I noticed the most beautiful snow crystals falling on the smelly brown piles. The snowflakes were so perfect. They reminded me of the snowflake sprinkles I bought for our gingerbread house decorating this past Christmas.  6-sided crystals of beautiful perfection. I just stopped and admired just how beautiful they all were. I guess there really is a silver lining to most things.  Or make that snow crystal lining.  I guess even poop removal can be a beautiful thing!

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