Friday, October 14, 2016

Kitten Doodles to Love

Dottie's Kittens are the sweetest little kitties ever.  We are all so in love with them.  They love to play with the Doodle puppies, follow us all around, and are so snuggly sweet.  The kitties turned 9 weeks old today and so......even though this is so is time for our sweet kitty doodles to find new homes. We have five PURRfect Kitten Doodles to love!
Laps make the best place to snuggle 
Shoulders work too! 
Wanna take a cat nap with us? 
Come join us! 
I am king of the mountain! 
I am queen of the jungle! 
"Alright Kittens!  That is enough play time!  It is time to go back inside!"

"Kids today"

"Awwww gee mom. Okay. Okay.  Here we come"

That was a pretty fun day
Who wants a kitten doodle to love?

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