Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Decisions Decisions

My original plan was to fly to North Carolina, help my daughter with the week of in-hospital medical testing and then fly back home Saturday morning.  It appears as though Hurricane Matthew might have a different idea for my plan. North Carolina is now under a state of emergency. The airline is under a travel alert for flights leaving and arriving through Tuesday. My daughter just finished the worst of the tests, so technically I could leave early and get out ahead of the storm. I could leave tomorrow night and be home and in my own bed before midnight. I bought supplies for my daughter and lots of food. Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I have spent so much of the summer apart and I miss him and I miss Yesteryear Acres and I would love to be home. BUT - I didn't prepare the week's worth of meals for my daughter like I planned to do on Friday.  I don't have everything ready for her so she is well taken care of. She still is not 100% and I would be leaving her IN A HURRICANE.  If I stay, I can cook all the meals before the storm hits and we would be ready for the worst.  We could ride out the storm together and she wouldn't be both sick and alone during a hurricane. On the other hand - If there is a real emergency here - my daughter is the first one to be called back to the Marine Corps base so then I would be left at her house during the hurricane all alone when I could have been back home in sunny Ohio! I can change my airline ticket now with no penalty.........what to do!? Decisions Decisions!

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