Monday, October 17, 2016


Today was such a beautiful day outside. Truffles really wanted a little extra time to enjoy the fresh air so we brought her puppies outside so they could watch their mommy play.
"What is this green stuff?" 
"I don't know but I am not going to touch it!" 
"Now what do we do?" 
"I guess we just wait until Mommy Truffles is done playing fetch" 
"Oh she is having so much fun" 
"I can't wait until I am big enough to play" 
"Yay!  She is coming back!"

6 Little Caramel Boys 
One Chocolate Girl 
and Caramel Girls too!
Maple's Double Doodle Puppies only have one week left before they head to their new homes. 
"Only 1 week?  We better make the most of it!" 
"Let's play tackle!" 
"Hey guys!  Follow me!" 
"It is Mr. Yesteryear Acres!" 
"Let's Tackle Him!" 

"This is so much fun!" 
"Ha Ha Ha! He is all ours now!" 
"I am going to get everyone else" 
"Let's keep him here forever" 
"I have him just where I want him" 
"Right Mr. Yesteryear Acres?" 
"Right? Can you hear me now?" 
"I am waiting for my turn" 
"Here is a big kiss for you!" 
"I kissed his shoe!!!"
"And a kiss for you!" 
"Today is so much fun" 
"It sure is" 
"It might just be nap time now" 
"I just need to find a place to rest my head" 
"This makes a good pillow" 
"Is there room for me?" 
There is always a room for everyone!!!!

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